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Market day - Manoora Community Garden

6th JULY 2024

Time: 7:00 AM

Where: Lot 215 Rollina Close, Manoora


Public Mayoral Candidate Forum

24th FEBRUARY 2024

Time: 12:00 – 4:00pm

Where: Fuller Sports Edmonton, 22 Armstrong Street Edmonton


Victims of Crime Supporter Meeting

2nd Wednesday Of Every Month

Time: 7pm

Where: Community Hall

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We take action for the Wellbeing of:

Act for Victims

Victimisation has pervasive and damaging impacts on the person, families and humanity. Victimisation can have significant negative emotional impact.

We act with victims aiming to connect, support and advocate. We do not provide legal or any form of advice.

CJAG has volunteer counsellors and peer support who offer education, advocacy and supports to victims of crime. This approach is tailored to each person’s specific needs and situation

Act for Parents

Parents are humanity’s greatest gift of life. Caring for, nurturing and protecting the wellbeing of children and families has no rival to good parents.

We act with parents to strengthen and empower good parenting through an understanding of trust, dignity, integrity and responsibility.

CJAG has volunteer counsellors and peer support who offer education, advocacy, supports to parents who family are victims of crime. This approach is tailored to each person’s specific needs and situation

Act for Community

Community is the glue that attracts and binds us together, providing the underpinning support for families to recover, participate and prosper. Where community leadership aspire to good parenting and family values, we act with leaders and support workers to empower positive community participation.

Reimagining the common good in community is participating and empowering parents, families and victims to connect and reengage with their supports and find the pathway to personal dignity and responsibility.

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Satisfied CJAG Members


CJAG have been an incredible resource for me personally. They’re informative, up-to-date educational, reliable, comprehensive, through and truly go beyond to support the individual in a community.

CJAG is an encyclopedia, with this he contributes a wealth of knowledge that is appropriate for the task at hand. In our monthly meetings we unpacked issues the community were having around the rise in youth scandal, and where our rights stood as non identified.

Much has changed in this landscape and it can be tricky to navigate, CJAG have done wonders to help clear the way in which a good team of concerned citizens have been called and are now taking proper action to see the necessary changes take place. Very greatful for the good and reliable work of CJAG and the team!


As an aged pensioner, I suffered almost three years of disrespect and elder abuse from my neighbour. I was genuinely distraught that I could not get any help from the Police Department, the Department of Housing, or any other offices I contacted about this matter, Including two parliamentarians and the Ombudsman’s Office.

I contacted CJAG after my neighbour’s behaviour escalated, and she violently entered my lounge room, attacked me, and threatened to kill me. This woman is thirty years younger than me and has a history of violence. She violently assaulted me as I sat in my lounge chair.

Having the assistance I receive from CJAG has changed my world. With their support, I now have the means to change the misery that has been my life for three years. I strongly urge any person, known or unknown, to seek help from CJAG if they should be in a situation similar to mine. Help is available from their excellent team.



I was a victim of domestic violence for several years and felt helpless and trapped in the situation. I tried to leave multiple times, but my abuser always found me and convinced me to come back. It wasn’t until I reached out to CJAG that I finally received the help and support I needed to break free from the cycle of abuse.

The team at CJAG provided me with resources and guidance on how to obtain a restraining order and find a safe place to stay. They also connected me with a therapist who helped me work through the trauma and regain my self-confidence.

Thanks to CJAG, I am now in a much better place and have a new outlook on life. I am grateful for their unwavering support and commitment to helping victims of domestic violence. I highly recommend their services to anyone who may be experiencing similar challenges.

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