CJAG Chapter hubs of community leadership

What does a former supreme court justice, councillors, deputy mayor, police officers, nurses, teachers, social workers, small business owners, veterans, tradespersons, truck drivers, real estate agents, pensioners, pastors, fathers and mothers have in common?

They have all lead, attended or contributed at a CJAG Chapter meeting.

And this is to name just a few occupations of the wonderful people who support CJAG Chapter hubs locally across the State of Queensland, historically through the formation of our founding hub in North Queensland since 2020.

Broad Appeal

Of course, all members of the community are welcome and invited to join CJAG.

Participation in Chapter meetings across Queensland, in accordance with the Association’s Constitution and Rules, is a good opportunity to make new friends and connect with others with common interests.

It is often a good laugh because food, sport and camping are popular topics.

CJAG Chapter hubs of community leadership are inspiring, dedicated and strong in our resilience.

Locally organised and operated

The CJAG Chapter hubs of community leadership are local bodies in association by membership via our organisational structure.

This local organisation is necessary to deliver on our common interests, common sense. common good and common law mission of improving community peace, livability and wellbeing and practicing the integrity of good governance compliance.

Where to begin – a real story of leadership

But who and where does the CJAG Chapter hubs of community leadership begin?

It starts with a person in any Queensland location. This person could be you. In proximity to a neighbour or work colleague, a community hub is inspired around a local problem.

It may be neighbours helping neighbours, joining in the aspiration of becoming an association to express the voice of a few or many.

This is the start of the CJAG Chapter hubs of community leadership, a local person like you.

In fact, this is exactly how CJAG Chapters got started. One person. Her name is Susie.

Susie is a pensioner. She was sick and tired of feeling unsafe at home. She avoided walking the dog for months.

This particular Friday, Susie and her neighbours were in the mist of heightened anxiety. They had just been broken into by six young girls in broad daylight.

That afternoon, the community worked with police to apprehend the little blighters.

The very next day, Susie spoke to seven neighbours in her street about doing something about the problem of youth crime. Three of her neighbours agreed to meet. And that was history.

The first meeting of a local CJAG Chapter was formed with 11 members in March 2020 around a home dining table in Cairns, Far North Queensland.

Structure and integrity

CJAG started and remains grass roots. The CJAG association isn’t a corporation or union under limited or propriety limited company structure.

There are no exclusive equity holders appropriating value of the not-for-profit operations into a services company controlled by a wealthy investor.

Unions and political parties have this type of structure. Good for them. But it is not for us.

Instead, we want to retain equity power in the hands of the ordinary person.

So, CJAG Chapter hubs of community leadership are common associations of the people for the people applying democratic processes and values of integrity in community leadership.

What makes us united is our common values of integrity, courage and humility.

Empowering families and communities

Therefore, CJAG Chapter hubs of community leadership are proudly empowering our communities, parents and victim-survivors of crime (violence and property) and injustices (fraud and corruption).

We connect, participate and share ideas, opinions and expertise respectfully. It is where the individual still counts.

CJAG Chapter hubs are organised voluntarily outside the maze of governance environments which most people don’t understand.

We seek to resolve personal afflictions and village cohort problems from the bottom up.

Peacefully, using effective communication, empathy, planning and a dogged commitment to outcomes and results.

Qualities of success in a modern world

A spirit for selfless civility and village cohesion is desirable.

Especially in this complex modern world of technology, social, environmental and governance expectations are vast and deep. We are talking about leadership qualities.

Without the CJAG Chapter hubs for community leadership, individuals motivated to get “something” done from the grass roots become overwhelmed.

A brave look on social media is evident enough of the outpouring of this anger.

And, when people reach a office person or actor of the government stakeholder diaspora, they are ignored, gaslight, misdirected and forgotten.

But then are told that “we can help you”. Yeah, help with a coercive smile and a complaints form.

Death by process is another name.

Tyranny of distance or isolation is a risk factor

Crime in urban areas is top of mind. But in remote areas, the closure of banking services, fuel and grocery prices, poor roads and access to medical services are consistent reasons for frustration.

For many of our members, they just want their concerns addressed in somewhat of a timely and meaningful way so they can carry on with their work and life and family responsibilities.

Regional members are accustomed to reasonable adjustments with the tyranny of distance from the big smoke.

But shutting down essential local services is a condemned bridge gone too far.

Demeaning culture of complaints

Make a complaint they say. And when we do get a call back, there is a website referral in the mix that feels like a brick wall has been erected on our noses.

These administrative failures are especially frustrating when dealing with the government, police, courts, and when the distrust of authority has accumulated beyond the threshold of common decency.

For example, we know from CJAG’s own survey that 30% of crime victims do not report alleged offences to Queensland Police. That distrust and lack of decency threshold has been crossed.

Solutions of the CJAG Chapter Hubs

With this growing reality of agency disserve, it is easy to appreciate how the CJAG Chapter hubs of community leadership meetings have developed to cover a range of purposes;

  • State Management Committee
  • Knights Of the Round Table (Policy and Planning) Meeting
  • Local Chapter Management Committees
  • Victim of Crime Supporter Meetings
  • Campaign For Justice Meetings
  • Program, Project and Event Coordinator Meetings

These program, project and event coordinator meeting are delivering specific initiatives of CJAG members such the:

  • YouGrowCo Initiative,
  • Before We Were Parents Program
  • Home Security Seminars
  • Candidate Pledge
  • CJAG Alerts and
  • our Website communications.

Back to the Future of Grass Roots

Can you guess what the first two projects were that CJAG members got started?

The Campaign for Justice project and CJAG Alerts.

These two projects caused the State government to change the Youth Justice Act.

In 2020, parents were not mentioned. CJAG hit the nail on the head choosing this issue as our number one priority.

Within 6 months, parent responsibility was written into the law.

A local prime time radio commentator in mid-2020 said, the CJAG team is the fastest he had seen in his 30-year radio career to get results on youth crime in the city.

What to do next

Like Susie, are you, your neighbours or work colleagues feed up with crime or injustice?

We are reimaging the common good in community one chapter and one village at a time.

Ready to get started? You can start or join a CJAG Chapter Hub of community leadership in your town or city today.

Register here www.cjag.org.au and we will get you connected.