Pioneer youth rehabilitation educator, Geoff ‘Old Man’ Guest AM who is now 93 years young, heard about the brazen assault of an 87-year-old woman in her home at Woree this week from his property at Emu Creek, West of Mareeba and wanted to lend his voice to an important community-driven solution. The community group’s solution is “funding the construction of an education sentencing academy facility and programs targeting serious youth offenders for boys and girls aged 14-17 years old for a minimum of 5 years with the vision of transitioning to a private funding model”
Crime and Justice Action Group spokesperson Aaron McLeod, who recently rebutted the LNP’s
announcement of a youth curfew idea as “unworkable” and the Labor Party’s 5-point plan including an “one country” program, said these policies are nothing new.
Mr McLeod was a student himself of the Petford Training Farm back in 1985 run by Old Man Guest, then going on to forge a successful career in government and business.
Reflecting on the many stories of brazen assaults over the years, Mr Guest said “these young people are bored, eating the wrong tucker and missing strong parenting and adult role models who can set
respectable boundaries in their lives.”
“Nutrition and wellness are the foundations of our holistic youth education and wellness program which has now been composed as courses for leaders and organisations to licence”, Mr Guest said.
Announcements of policies by political parties for various “boot camps” and “on country” programs have been done but had “cheery-picked” the Guest Program with limited success.
“While the youth rehabilitation and wellness program run by our mob has been on country and on camps for decades producing results and great success”, Mr Guest said.
“These troubled youth and the vulnerable elderly woman in our community deserve less politics and more sensible community-focused solutions that have been tried and tested with practical experience and scientific rigor”, Mr McLeod said.
The Crime and Justice Action Group is leading a Convoy Against Crime this Saturday starting at 9am from Edmonton to the Cairns CBD and launching their Crime Prevention Plan including 12 points for all political candidates to adopt at their own free will.
Old Man Guest will be an honoured as VIP guest in the lead vehicle, together and posthumously with his late wife Norma, by the rally organisers in celebration of the Youth Restoration and Rehabilitation
Academy initiative named in their honour.

CJAG is non-profit association engaged with community, advocating for victims of crime and promoting a non-partisan and apolitical crime prevention plan focused on 5 priority areas including parent
empowerment and accountability.