A new Crime and Justice Action Group has been formed by residents and victims in Cairns in the shadows of the City’s youth crime pandemic.

The CJAG is appealing to the Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk directly for immediate action by adopting a “zero-crime, or do the time” policy

Victims who have joined the action group are hurting, frightened and constantly living in fear.

Local Bentley Park resident, Mitch Mawer said he is afraid someone will end up in a ditch, and kicked off plans for a peaceful protest in front of the courthouse.

Meanwhile, thousands of residents across Cairns are locking up and rising up because they have had enough. Even a burnt out police whistle-blower has made public claims that Cairns is “incredibly dangerous” and crime is “significantly under reported”, laying the blame squarely on the Youth Justice Act, TropicNow reported.

But now, CJAG and the Far North community want answers, and tangible and strategic commitments from all political parties, to deliver policies and laws that ensure the safety, security and prosperity of the community and economy.

Make no mistake, the residents are furious with what is behind the scenes in the Labor party, and other governments, that cause Mr Healy to meet with residents only after being contacted by constituents outside the FNQ region.

CJAG wants to know why Mr Healy and his government prefer to listen to voices in the South-east over local Far North Queenslander’s first?

Compassion, kindness, tough love and integrity, with a strong, united multicultural community focused on accountability, leadership, purpose and good faith is CJAG’s mission.

The group hopes to connect all victims to assist in the healing, recovery and rejuvenation, and the misguided youth and adults committing crime, must sometimes face tough love, punishment, regret, reflection and healing, critical in the cycle of human growth and

Youth crime is central to the action group’s developing priorities and charter. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders, leaders of immigrant groups, people with disabilities, grass roots health workers and youth and educational service providers in the community are invited to participate and connect with the ideas of the new action group.

Sensing a strong spirit of individual compassion, the group acknowledges the burden of leaders in government and corporations, the distress of current and retired district Judges, policemen, teachers, health workers and the community at large, who are suffering enormous pain and anxiety from decades of misguided government policies.

Alleged vigilante groups are being moved to take matters into their own hands, with over 6500 supporters already registered with an online group named the Cairns Regulars.