Before We Were Parents Program

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused by all the mixed messages about who you are as a parent and what you can do?

Becoming a parent, whilst it can be exciting, it can also come with doubts, fears and questions of “what’s happened to me since having children?” “who am I”

Do you find yourself questioning who you are as a parent? 

Or feeling like you are not “good” enough! 

Or others are saying you need some help!

The Before we were Parents program is 6 sessions of 2 hours per week in a small group, with daily small tasks to complete. At the core of this program is empowerment; personal dignity, integrity and responsibility as we cover understanding emotions, the importance of the mind, values, dignity and what’s getting in the road of what you want. We explore the foundation of being a mum or dad.

Benefits of this program is affirmation of the important role parents have, opportunity for self and skill development, building of confidence and belief in yourself and in raising and shaping the next generation.